That one time we went to AZ

For Thanksgiving we went to Arizona to visit Ryan’s family. While we were there I wanted to check out this fun wall that I had seen Ashley¬†visit, basically she knows all the cool spots since she lives in the area. I feel like this wall embodies AZ and the desert vibe. It was still hot in November so we grabbed a few picks by this cool wall and then we headed out to take my nieces senior photos. Gosh crazy to think I have a niece that is graduating from high school, (insert shocked face emoji here haha). I got this dress from Nordstrom Rack and I love how flowy it is. I can just throw it on and go, now that’s my kind of dress.

IMG_7064 arizona-outfit IMG_7119 IMG_7107 IMG_7127 az
  1. Bekah says:

    Ok your outfit is flipping adorable!!! Love those boots!

  2. Faith says:

    This post just made me realize how much I’ve missed your posts! I hope you’re here to stay!!!

    Gorgeous dress, love it with the boots!

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