North Beach

Ok so I was going through photos on my computer the other day clearing up space. I stumbled across these photos and realized I hadn’t ever looked at them since I put them on the computer. These were taken on a weekend we spent walking through North Beach. I love the North Beach district. The houses are beautiful, the hills are steep and the food is Italian. One of our favorite pizza places is over in North Beach (Tony’s that is). If you’re ever in San Francisco and looking for a place to lounge and catch lunch I would stop by Tony’s, grab some pizza and head over to Washington Square Park across the street and have a little picnic. I love getting to explore all the districts of the city.

IMG_6369 IMG_6370 coit-tower IMG_6374 sf-park IMG_6380 IMG_6383 IMG_6414 north-beach-houses IMG_6400 sf-houses-north-beach
  1. Kayla Clark says:

    I have been going through your blog, getting pumped to move to SF with my husband this summer! You have such a magical way of capturing the city. Looking at your pictures has me so excited to call the bay my home soon. You are so talented!

  2. Bekah says:

    So beautiful! Makes me miss summer!

  3. anna says:

    holy wow. i want to go to there!!!!
    seriously, the most beautiful buildings and images. so dreamy.

  4. aw these images make me feel so nostalgic. I realize I live in SF but I used to work near North Beach and it reminds me of that time. =) Great images. Wonderful perspective!

  5. Ragan Wesson says:

    Seriously, your pictures. They leave me breathless every time. How do you edit them? Do you use a specific software/program?

  6. Emi says:

    best neighborhood and best pics of it! (of course) next time you’re at Tony’s text me and we’ll walk down and join you :)

  7. Beth says:

    Really wonderful photos, do you possibly remember what lens you shot with?

  8. Jacqueline says:

    Casey and I have been wanting to try Tony’s pizza. It was featured on a show on the food network :)

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