Grizzly Peak

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I was going through some photos on my computer the other day and stumbled across these photos. These are from earlier in the summer (I don’t even remember the day) when Ryan and I headed up to Grizzly Peak. Grizzly Peak has sweeping views of the bay on a clear night (we got lucky with a clear night). Ryan stuck it out and let me take a self timed tripod pic while we were up there (he’s a trooper). I love the bay at night, it’s so beautiful with all of the colors. Does your city have any views like this? Any places I should check out?

  1. Beth H. says:

    wow, such a beautiful view! I have been aching to find a place near our city that has a view like that!

  2. Kasia says:

    Amazing blog, life and photographs. It was a pleasure to be an observer of your trip! :) Very cool blog template too.

  3. kelsey says:

    you are the best at finding amazing views and places to walk around!

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