A Picnic in January

Winter in California is awesome for the most part. No snow, no icy car windows, and no real use for a heater. While I do love getting bundled up in my sweaters and boots I don’t miss those Utah winters one bit. Last week Ashley, Hazel, and I decided to head out to Lake Merritt for a pizza picnic. We grabbed some pizza from Boots and Shoe, definitely one of my favorite pizza places in the area, and snagged a nice little spot by the lake. As much as I love San Francisco I think that Oakland is rather special. I love the houses, the hills and the diversity in the area (of course all of which can be found in San Francisco as well). Anyways, it was a beautiful day in January and honestly the perfect day for a picnic. We enjoyed our pizza, taking some photos, and a jaunt around the lake. These two girls have become some of my best friends in the Bay Area. They are beautiful and nice and all around good company. I look forward to many more picnics with these two.

IMG_7761 hazel-lake-merritt IMG_7497 IMG_7488 lake-merritt IMG_7514 IMG_7692 ashley-hazel-2 IMG_7526 IMG_7612 hazel-ashely-5 IMG_7626 IMG_7618 IMG_7534 IMG_7677 IMG_7579 ashley-hazel IMG_7543IMG_7737IMG_7757 IMG_7767

The ever so popular Twin Peaks

A few weeks ago my friend Emma visited while she was in town for a wedding. This girl is just like super cute (obviously cause I’m only friends with cute people, right? haha). Anyways, even though I was sick most of her visit we still made the most of her time in town and took her to lots of fun places. Of course on her first day (new years day) we had to take her up to Twin Peaks because it was a beautifully clear day. You could see the whole bay that day. We stood up there with a million and one tourists and took some photos until we froze our buns off and headed down the peak. It’s always windy and cold up at Twin Peaks during the afternoon (a little bit of a different story possibly in the early morning but what would I know I’m not a morning person). I love the sweeping views of the bay that you can get on a clear day up here. You can see all the way to Oakland on a day like this. We were all frozen after the sunset so we headed home to the East Bay, but if you ever visit San Francisco Twin Peaks is definitely a must see.

emma-1 emma-2 emma-6 emma-3 emma-4 emma-11 emma-14 twin-peaks-emma emma-26 emma-17 emma-13 emma-12 emma-10 emma-22 twin-peaks-k-r emma-19emma-18emma-sf

North Beach

Ok so I was going through photos on my computer the other day clearing up space. I stumbled across these photos and realized I hadn’t ever looked at them since I put them on the computer. These were taken on a weekend we spent walking through North Beach. I love the North Beach district. The houses are beautiful, the hills are steep and the food is Italian. One of our favorite pizza places is over in North Beach (Tony’s that is). If you’re ever in San Francisco and looking for a place to lounge and catch lunch I would stop by Tony’s, grab some pizza and head over to Washington Square Park across the street and have a little picnic. I love getting to explore all the districts of the city.

IMG_6369 IMG_6370 coit-tower IMG_6374 sf-park IMG_6380 IMG_6383 IMG_6414 north-beach-houses IMG_6400 sf-houses-north-beach