Seattle: Round 1

What is this, a blog post? A few months late, but at least its happening. These past few months have been a little bit crazy with my sister having her baby a month early, wedding season, and just the chaos that summer is. But I’m hoping I can actually stick to my word and catch up and work to write down and document these past few months a little bit.

A few months back I flew out to Seattle to photograph a wedding, and then I spent a few extra days hanging around with my sister and her husband. My sister was pregnant then, so we did a little hiking and touring of Seattle and then of course some maternity pictures. I hadn’t really ever been to Seattle before this (I think we drove through once on our way to San Juan Islands) but I basically fell in love with the place. Maybe its my Grey’s Anatomy obsession or maybe its because my sister lives there, but Seattle is really great. I’m basically afraid of the sun and was looking forward to w rainy weekend, but alas no rain while I was in Seattle. I guess I will have to visit again and again and maybe even move there to get all the Seattle rain.

We did lots of touristy stuff, stopped by the Space Needle, Kerry Park, Pike’s Place, visited Meredith Grey’s house, and took a ferry. This is going to be a very long post of pictures. You have been warned.

IMG_7327 IMG_7310 seattle-blog1

the beautiful puget sound, my sister and her husband don’t live too far from here so we spent a few evenings on the beautiful beach watching the sunset and we took some maternity pictures of my sister there as well.

IMG_7637 seattle-blog4 IMG_7602 IMG_7487 IMG_7520

A beautiful wooded area right by where my sister lives that her husband goes biking through. So beautiful and green I would take pictures there every single day if I lived there haha.

IMG_7418 seattle-blog2 IMG_7401 seattle-blog3

the sun was out that weekend so pike’s place was super crowded. it was fun to walk through and look at all the super beautiful flowers and interesting people of course.

IMG_7650 IMG_7669 IMG_7750 seattle-blog6 IMG_7656 IMG_7670 IMG_7673 seattle-blog7 IMG_7748 IMG_7920 IMG_7901

Ferry rides looking for Mcdreamy (Ryan couldn’t come with me so the hunt for Mcdreamy was on, sorry Ryan).

IMG_7832 IMG_7767 IMG_7787 seattle-blog8 IMG_7865

My last day there we went on a hike, it was supposed to be 4 miles round trip and ended up being about 8 miles round trip. it was beautiful, wet and slippery. my pregnant sister was quite the trooper.IMG_7993seattle-blog9

MIA again, its time to catch up.

So I’ve been super MIA from this blog. Ryan made it look all nice and then I disappeared. Life has been busy, but good busy. I’ve gone to Seattle twice (yay for living close to family!) and snuck in a trip to Portland. Ryan got to come along with me for round two to Seattle and we decided to add in Portland on our way up to see my sister. My sister is pregnant and expecting a baby this July! Here are a few quick shots from the PNW, but I’m planning on doing a few posts with some pictures from my trips up the coast.

blog-1 blog-2 seattle blog-5 blog-6 blog-8 seattle2 blog-10

Mount Davidson

This was my first time going up to Mount Davidson. I haven’t been back since unfortunately, but I would love to do a shoot up here. It is so beautiful, its a bit of a hike on the way up, but once you get up there its worth it. The hike up is green and beautiful, so mossy and filled with gorgeous trees. Up at the top you will find #thatsftree most of the time in the midst of Karl the Fog. I love these random little quirks of San Francisco. I went up here to meet up with some friends on a chilly January day. You might recognize Lindsay and Charlie, my favorite pup and mama duo. I managed to climb up on the tree and sat there for a few minutes before my bum froze off. I look forward to trekking back up here again, hopefully on a foggy day for a shoot or just an adventure.

Mt D-3 Mt D-5 Mt D-11 Mt D-4 Mt D-2 mount-davidson-1 Mt D-10 Mt D-9 Mt D-15 Mt D-17 Mt D-14 Mt D-18 Mt D-1 Mt D-13 Mt D-25 mount-davidson-4 Mt D-22 mount-davidson-2